Our overall goal? to encourage girls to value their uniqueness and subsequently the unique contributions they can make in the world.

"Every girl has her own specific mission in life...therein, she cannot be replaced, nor can her life be repeated. So, every girl's task is as unique as is her specific opportunity to put it into action" (paraphrased, original quote by Viktor Frankl)

Primary Objective: By the end of the 9 week program, participants will be able to identify personal strengths and explore various applications.

Intended Outcomes: It is hoped that girls who participate in the i totally matter program will achieve the following outcomes:
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased empathy skills
  • Increased motivation/intention to contribute to various needs in the world (ie. child labour, poverty, education, environment etc)
  • Increased understanding of personal values
Who doesn't get excited at the thought of searching for buried treasure?  Well, that's exactly what we'll be doing during our 9 weeks together.  We'll be going on a journey of discovery - taking stock of our personal resources (both what makes us tick and what we've got to offer), checking out the landscape and looking for opportunities and adventures, doing some good old mountain climbing (not "literal" mountains of course), and deciding how to invest our treasure.  But watch out - some have been known to spot bandits along the way!