We believe that "quality of life is inside-out.  Meaning is in contribution, in living for something higher than self"
(Steven R. Covey)

The story below explains what we're all about:

Wendy's Bio

Wendy is a born facilitator with a strong desire to help people live the life they were meant to.
She believes that everyone has a unique reason for being here and her passion is finding innovative ways of helping people to see, believe and live their purposeful mission.

"Wendy has a heart for people and learning and the human experience that is absolutely infectious"

Wendy is always just as eager to learn as she is to teach. Adding to her list of accomplishments is her Teacher/Trainer of Adults Certification coupled with her Professional Life Coach Training program.

Wendy immerses herself in a variety of interesting experiences (past and present): running her own retail business; speaking for various organizations; hosting weekend retreats; co-founding and leading a marriage initiative - Hot Date Night; completing seven full marathons; developing and facilitating workshops - and most importantly, raising three amazing children (with her biggest cheerleader - her husband, Kevin)

Believing that life is a gift to be savoured and shared, she welcomes opportunities to sow into peoples' lives.

Wendy is the founder of "i totally matter" and a facilitator of the 9 week program.

When she is not leading Treasure Hunts for "i totally matter", she is a  personal Life Coach and does a variety of speaking and facilitating.

You can check out her website at www.wendypauls.com