What is "i totally matter"?

i totally matter” is an innovative, inspirational, esteem-building program for grade 7 & 8 girls.

During several interactive sessions – full of fun exercises, object lessons, games and debriefing – girls discover the treasures of their own strengths, talents and passions. They are encouraged to celebrate their uniqueness and challenged to find ways to invest their strengths and talents to make a positive impact on the world around them.

i totally matter was born out of a dream - a dream to make a positive impact on junior high girls. This demographic is a key target for the media and these girls are bombarded with images and messages that contribute to beliefs that they’re not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough. The list goes on.  In their search for acceptance and attempts to figure out who they are, they being to ask questions like: Do I fit in?  Am I good enough?  Am I too fat, too short, too tall…? Will people like me?  Does my life count for anything? Do I matter?

We believe without a doubt that they DO matter. In fact, we believe, “Every girl has her own specific mission in life… she cannot be replaced, nor can her life be repeated. Thus, every girl’s task is as unique as is her specific opportunity to implement it” (paraphrased, original quote by Viktor Frankl)

Our goal then, is to help girls navigate toward THEIR personal best. And the i totally matter program has a unique twist – the focus and purpose of the program is both self-esteem and contribution.  Does a healthy self-esteem increase the chance that I will make a positive contribution in the world, or does making a contribution increase my self-esteem?  By focusing on both – it doesn’t really matter. 

Our dream is to make a significant impact on the girls of this generation – to transform the way they think about themselves and their purpose in life – unleashing confidence, passion and influence that has the potential to change the world.

A single drop of rain raises the ocean.  Every girl totally matters!
...that if you are a pre-teen/teen girl, you’re the target of most advertisers? We think you need to think about how you see the world and yourself in it so you don’t get swept away by all sorts of messages.